When I was pregnant with my first daughter I was one day overcome with the intense need to have a certain fast food restaurant’s fries in my mouth. Considering I had sworn off that place years before my husband was perplexed when I dug my nails into his arm and ordered him to cross the intersection and head for the drive through. His bug-eyed stare did not diminish my pleasure in the least. I can still taste those fries today six years later.

My second pregnancy started off with a mild and vague fruit craving, which finally morphed into an intense avocado craving. For months I stood every evening shoveling chunks of avocado into my mouth hardly ever pausing to cut it up properly.

When we polled our Facebook fans we expected to hear some pretty entertaining and somewhat puzzling cravings. We discovered that the cravings were pretty evenly split between sweet and savory with fresh fruit coming out way ahead of everything else. (Those babies are pretty smart!) Lemonade and peanut butter were quite popular cravings with the pregnant crowd too, as was sushi, which our fans wisely abstained from indulging.

All in all, other than the three fans who craved ice and inedible things — rocks anyone? — in response to pregnancy induced medical conditions, none of the cravings were as crazy or surprising as we had expected. Quite reassuring really!

Pregnancy Craving Poll Results Chart

Did you experience some interesting pregnancy cravings? Do you have a fun craving story to share? Please share, we’d love to know!

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