The thought of traditional school uniforms tends to conjure up images of small schools full of plaid skirts and neat cardigans—but this image is evolving as more and more public school are adopting tailored dress codes for their students. Trends have been tied to school uniforms improving behavior and performance among school children with the notion that students can focus on learning rather than what brand of jeans so-and-so is wearing.

Do your kids wear uniforms at their school? If so, do you find it convenient? If not, do you wish they did? Do you think school uniforms can improve student behavior in the classroom?  You tell us!

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  1. I love school uniforms! I love the traditional plaid with the puffy sleeve white shirts. Having worn uniforms all through school and now my kids do, I really think it is great for the kids. It’s one less distraction and one less thing for the kids to try to keep up with one another on. And it’s much easier on the Momma!

  2. Oh how I wish we had uniforms! I think we attend the only private school that doesn’t require them =/

  3. Charlie says:

    My daughter is in eighth grade and her school does not wear school uniforms, but I think it would be great. I can’t imagine that uniforms would cost more than the popular brand of clothing for an eighth grade girl!

  4. koral says:

    school uniforms suck!!

  5. NRG uniforms says:

    The fact is that public schools in the UK have had uniform policies in place for years. The incidence of murder, gang culture, drug use, violent crime, bullying and general indiscipline in UK schools is far lower than in our American schools, and the major difference in the systems is the prevalence of uniform policy. It just works.

  6. Teri says:

    I love the uniform policy. Our school doesn’t have them per se, but has a strict dress code of no jeans, solid polo tops and khakis for boys, and either plaid or solid jumpers/skirts for the girls. The good thing is there is no set plaid, so I get great bargains on ebay by not being restricted to a particular brand or pattern! Plus I love the preppy look of school uniforms.

  7. Taylor Howard says:

    I attend a public school and the superintendent is trying to get a bill passed that we should all wear uniforms. As far as im concerned, this is a BAD idea. There’s nothing wrong with our school. And as the old saying goes, why fix something that’s not broken?

  8. Napoleon Trombonaparte says:

    I dislike school uniform policies because of their conformist message. They state that everyone should look the same, when in reality there are millions of different people with different views, fashions and cultures. Also, I dislike that girls must wear those putrid plaid skirts. I believe in khaki pants all round. Skirts are impractical considering the active nature of the school age child, and making these like they do, there might be wardrobe malfunctions which would result in embarrassment and bullying, the same things the uniform was trying to prevent.

  9. Chris says:

    I went to a school right next to a private school and they wore uniforms.. I was always wanted to wear one.. My daughter will attend a private school for sure! thanks for the good read

  10. Chris says:

    I don’t want my daughter to grow up too fast.. But I do look forward to her wearing uniforms to school.. Something I didn’t have the means to do

  11. Cat says:

    It doesnt matter if the school has uniforms or not. This is saying its about not excluding kids who cant afford the clothes that some can, but that will always be there. The kids who would have worn better free dress clothing are still going to wear better uniforms from places like old navy and arepostle and the kids who would have worn clothes that werent as good are still going to be wearing cheaper uniforms from less popular stores. Also uniforms are anoying, ugly and make it hard for kids to express them selfs. If they cant express them self through dress and style then they’ll find other ways. Like my school as uniforms so sence i cant dress freely i express myself through belts, shoes,jackets and my hair and makeup but now my school wont even let us wear the jackets we want. I think uniforms should be banned!

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