Slumber Party Fun

Sleeping bags lined the floor and even though the room was dark you could still hear muffled giggles and snorts. My friend’s mother, standing at the top of the stairs, wasn’t fooled in the least and she issued a stern warning about going to sleep that had us all erupting into a fit of giggles.

The word sleep in sleepovers is such a misnomer. As far as I remember there was a ton of snacking, lots of giggling, but precious little actual sleeping. That might explain why I remember only going to a handful as a child; the following days must have been trying for my parents. I know my daughters would be perfect bears if I let them stay up and giggle with friends all night. Even so, I have such fond memories of my own sleepovers that I can’t wait to host their first.

I’ve always told my daughter that she’d have to be 6 before she could sleep over at anyone’s house other than grandma’s. Unbelievably that 6th birthday is coming up in four short months. We’ve been talking about what kind of party she’ll be having and I’ve yet to even suggest we have just a few close friends over for a slumber party. As the time draws near, I think it would be an exciting way to kick off what I feel is going to be a momentous year.

Either that or I’m still under the effect of that long ago sleep deprivation and not thinking clearly.

How old were your children when they attended their first sleepover?

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