When my Mother’s Group held its last meeting of the year on Wednesday, we weren’t too heartbroken to say goodbye to each other because we all knew we were getting together on Saturday for an end-of-year picnic. On Thursday the weather forecast started to look a little gloomy and cold and by this morning it was hinting at rain.

We canceled the picnic.

On Saturday morning when the rain starts coming down I won’t be sad that we’re not hanging out eating burgers while watching the kids play together. A week later when the sun finally comes out, I’ll be wishing that my friends and I had some fun summer parties planned.

It would be lovely to know that we had a few fun events lined up where we could either get our families together or just escape them for a moment to enjoy some quality mom time together.

Summer mom events? Do you and your Moms Group get together during the summer? You tell us!

Summer Party Invitation by Tiny Prints

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