With Christmas just around the corner and every retailer, market and movie theater more decked out than the last, we can only imagine the conversations you’ve been having with your kids about Santa. Many parents around the Tiny Prints headquarters have been debating how to talk to their kids about Santa Claus, because when he comes, so do a wealth of curiosities from the little ones…

How does he get back up the chimney?

How does he get all the way around the world in one night?

How does he really know if you’ve been naughty or nice?

What do you tell your kids?

How and when do you talk to your kids about Santa? Do they believe in him? Any advice to share with other parents on the Santa subject? You tell us!

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  1. Christy white says:

    With both my 2 year olds Santa is watching you! Santa knows if you are listening to mommy, so you need to listen.

    Just joking we talk about how he brings you presents for being good through out the year and all the traditional stuff. We also have a tradition to leave out one old toy for Santa to take to give to another child . (which I donate to the local child services) We do not relate Santa with Jesus. We are Jewish but celebrate Christmas as an American holiday.

    They are very confused because Santa came to a holiday party on 12/4 and brought them a gift but not what they have been asking for. So I have told them that Santa came by the party to check on everybody and gave them a little gift to thank them for listening. But now when you ask them what they want Santa to bring them for Christmas my son says the gift that he just got at the party and my daughter just asks for a present (she is easy).

    My children are just starting to understand about Santa but they believe!

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