Do you believe that a way to a person’s heart is through their stomach? If so, Valentine’s Day is the ultimate holiday for winning someone over with food! Whether you go out for a delicious dinner, exchange candies and chocolate or share a sweet dessert, food seems to be the focus of February 14th. We’ve gathered together some of our favorite Valentine’s Day treats and sweets—do you agree with our selections? Leave us a comment below!

Classic Candies

Receiving a candy heart that says “BE MINE” is as charming today as it was in grade school. There’s a reason these darling candies come back year after year.

French Macarons

The French are known for romance, and we think that this delightful little treat is one of their best expressions of love.

Filet Mignon

Sweet may not be for everyone—even on Valentine’s Day. If you prefer a savory “treat” over a sugar rush, a classic steak is the way to go.

Breakfast in Bed

There are few things more exciting in the morning than pancakes in bed—unless of course they are shaped like hearts!


What’s more satisfying than dipping slices of fruit and bread into warm chocolate and cheese? We think nothing.

Homemade Gourmet

If you’re handy in the kitchen, making something from scratch is the perfectly sweet way to share your love. This chocolate cherry stack cake would be especially delectable on Valentine’s Day.

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