One of the Tiny Prints staffers recently found out that her best friend is expecting her first baby! She wants to help her celebrate this new adventure (or help her indulge before she officially becomes a mommy!), but she isn’t quite sure what the best gift would be for a new mom.

What’s the ultimate present for a friend who is expecting her first baby? Should it be baby-related, or something that pampers the mom-to-be? What gifts did you get that you adored? You tell us!

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  1. I always always always give Robeez as a baby gift! They truly are the only things that stay on those constantly moving baby feet. My children wore Robeez for the entire first year of their lives (when they weren’t barefoot, that is)!
    I also like to bestow a bottle of wine called “Mommy’s Time Out” for the mom-to-be. (Yes, there truly is a wine called that!)

  2. Susan Ella says:

    Something that pampers the mom. Guaranteed in the first year she will be getting plenty of stuff for the baby, which is great, but what she really WANTS is a spa treatment or a quiet night out with the girls. But if you want to give her something for the baby also, I love giving Trumpette socks as a gift. They are adorable and your baby will be sure to get lots of adoring compliments.

  3. caroline says:

    A brand-new pair of pretty, comfortable pajamas. When you’re up several times a night, it’s a treat to have a nice pair of PJs. And, if she’s nursing, do a button down top.

  4. katie says:

    I have a brand new baby, not yet a week old, and in the hospital I received a new pair of pajamas and some super-cute slippers. They really perk me up and I feel somewhat put together when visitors come.

  5. Shauna says:

    Something to pamper the mom: a pedicure
    Something baby-related: a Moby wrap
    Something for after the baby: a couple hours with a good housekeeper!

  6. Nicole says:

    I agree that a nice pair of comfy pajamas is a great gift for the new mom. I also recently read a netflix supscription as an idea. That would have been good for those first few weeks when the baby was up most of the night.

  7. JRosenberg says:

    At this point I’d say let it be all about the mom. Being pregnant isn’t always fun, so being pampered is lovely.
    Fun preggo pajamas, products from Earth Mama Angel Baby for pregnancy pampering, or even a fun “girl’s day out” – spa etc would be fun. Those days are hard to come by after the baby is born!

  8. sylvietta says:

    oh these are all great ideas! esp the PJs and netflix. thank you everyone!!! (yes, i asked the q originally!)

  9. karen says:

    someone gave me the best present ever. A bottle of champagne, gift cert. to a local nice restaurant, and baby sat for us. Best night out!!!

  10. mkjunebug says:

    As a new mom myself, there’s nothing better than pictures of your precious pumpkin! Brag books make a great gifts: http://yellowthreads.com/_product_29903/Pink_Baby_Brag_Book

  11. Rena says:

    I agree with the pj’s! But I also like to take a meal that can be heated up easily for the first or second night at home. Or call a local caterer to deliver a couple meals to the new mommy (and daddy)!

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