It’s the last day of school for kids across the country, and with the end of the year generally comes class parties, art projects and extended hours of movie watching.

For the most part, teachers use this time to reward students for a year of hard work and personal growth (and to steal a little time to input their grades and straighten out the classroom library before the long summer stretch). But does it bother you when your kids come home to report that they spent all seven periods of the school day watching movies?

Do your kids deserve a break at the end of the school year, or would you prefer more intellectually stimulating projects as assignments? You tell us!


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2 Responses

  1. Stacey says:

    While my 9 year old son deserves a break, I think it is also important to reinforce skills and principles over the summer so he will have a fast start to the school year. So, while we provide trips and summer camps throughout the summer, we also require a lot of library time as well. But we make it fun. I am amazed as to how much my son is enjoying practicing multiplication!

  2. Jenna says:

    I think kids need a little bit of downtime! Watching TV all day is certainly not the best idea but I think there can be a healthy balance of relaxation with other activities such as reading. One of my friends was at the library the other day and the mom was yelling at the little girl about what books to read. I think kids should at least get to have some flexibility/part in the decision for their summer activities!

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