My mom is a teacher, and she loves to gossip. Combined, these two traits meant that I spent my adolescence knowing that ALL of my teachers knew every little detail about my life. She told them—over cups of coffee in the teacher’s lounge, while at a conference, while supervising the kids on the playground after school—everything from how my tennis lessons were going to what she thought of my first boyfriend.


Of course, I found this completely mortifying, but now that I’m older I can understand that she was simply sharing parts of her life with her friends. Do you like to gossip about your kids? How do they react? Where do you draw the line on family gossip? You tell us!

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  1. JRosenberg says:

    As a mommy-blogger this is always a big question: how much is too much to share. I try to remember to not post anything that my kids might eventually be embarrassed about if their friends stumbled on the blog a couple years down the road: poop in tub, tantrums in stores, etc.
    Aside from that… all bets are off! If they don’t like it they can complain to my mom and take revenge on their own kids. 😉

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