There have been a couple of precious new babies here at the Tiny Prints headquarters this week and it’s got me thinking about baby fashion. There’s just something painfully cute about an itty bitty pair of baby jeggings, so if you spend $200 on a pair of designer denim for yourself, is it okay to spend the same on your 3-year-old?

The kid fashion category is booming and more and more luxury brands are offering scaled down versions of their famed designs, offering modern moms and dads the option to dress their kids the same way they dress themselves.

In a time where fashionable style and parenting can go hand in hand, is high fashion for kids utterly adorable or a little over the top? Is designer garb worth the price tag if they will grow out of it in a year? Is haute couture for kids interesting or inappropriate? You tell us!

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  2. I think every child should have one designer piece of clothing. But to spending thousands is a bit ridiculous.

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