Hosting a family friendly event is always nice, since it eliminates the need for babysitters for those of your friends who have children. But how do you keep the little ones entertained while you and the adults mingle?

We’ve heard of in-home babysitters with a schedule of activities, a separate kids playroom area, a selection of kid-friendly movies and even organized sports games (perfect for the upcoming Super Bowl!). But we’re curious—what do YOU do to keep the kids busy during parties? You tell us!

kids party activities

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  1. 2 solutions:

    1) video games in a separate room
    2) make them your jr. serving staff.

    Both work equally well, however, #2 requires older kids and supervision, but is far more interactive than #1.

    #1 is also popular with adults, I find them migrating to the “kid’s room” to play/watch all the time!

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