When I was in fourth grade, I was thrilled to learn what I considered the secret art of cursive. I would spend hours practicing so I could perfect my own signature (which I imagined handing out to hoards of screaming fans).

But, to my dismay, more and more schools today are deciding NOT to teach cursive anymore. They claim that it’s not necessary now that everyone types all formal communication, and with such a focus on test-based curriculum they simply don’t have time to teach it.

Do you still think cursive handwriting is an important skill for children to learn? Will you show your little ones how to write in cursive? What do you think of this new policy? You tell us!

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  1. Gail says:

    My children go to a school that still teaches cursive and in fact starts teaching it in first grade. I pray we never lose the art of cursive…although my cursive is so hard to read others may beg (and plead) to differ!

  2. honestly? i think we should focus a heck of a lot more time on teaching children how to use their language than how to put pen to paper. of course written language is important and you do have to know how to actually write to continue that.

    but so few college graduates can put together an interesting english sentence that phasing out cursive seems like it’s the least the education system could do!

  3. Freshie says:

    I’m not sure if it’s good or bad but my handwriting is definitely a mess and I learned cursive before printing. I think as long as kids can read cursive handwriting, that’s what is important. If parents want their children to be able to write in cursive, maybe it can be a fun skill to work on together at home!

  4. Kallie Hoksbergen says:

    My daughter is in 2nd Grade and they are learning cursive. My son is in 3rd Grade and he learned cursive in 2nd grade also, and it is manditory that they use cursive for ALL assignments in 3rd Grade. I however wish they would spend more time on penmenship before they make cursive manditory in 3rd grade. He is a boy…and his penmenship has alot to be desired. Now, my daughter on the other hand has beautiful penmenship and cursive. So, I guess it depends on the child. I however am glad that they are teaching both at an early age. Everything is going more toward electronics…and I feel it is very important to keep the basic skill development taught and mastered before they are required to learn how to short hand text messages. Any handwriting instruction to me is better than forcing technology. It is a fine motor skill that children need for future life skills.

  5. Laura says:

    I live in London and they teach joining up letters, almost as soon as the children can print to prepare them for cursive, which they learn soon after. My daughter’s all girls private school still uses fountain pens and you have to write well enough to earn the privledge of using one. THe girls are thrilled when they are selected and then all written work must be done using the fountain pen. I find it charming. They are also learning computing and how to form proper sentences, write creatively and with proper grammar–believe me, the Brits are quite particular about that. Somehow they are fitting all of into the curriculum so it can be done.

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