When I was a kid, music lessons were a dreaded part of my life. I hated dragging my instrument around and talking to the crusty old man who was trying to teach me to keep time (I never mastered it). I was elated when my parents let me quit playing so I could throw myself into the more pleasurable pursuits of reading and writing short stories about the adventures of my stuffed animals.

I hated music class, but I know plenty of people who regret never learning to play an instrument. My mom recently started taking piano lessons, and she loves every minute of it. She says if she had the opportunity to play when she was younger, she would have been overjoyed.

How do you know when your child truly hates music lessons, and when to ask them to persevere through a loss of interest? Would you sign your kids up for piano lessons without them expressing overt interest in the subject? What’s your family philosophy on music, and how do you know when your kids should be supported and when they should be set free? You tell us!


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