We’ve heard a lot lately about schools going green through new rules and regulations, including limiting the number of pages in a term paper, changing standards for creative projects and even requiring that all students use thinner fonts to save on ink.

What measures are your kids’ schools taking to be more green? Do you support their efforts? Do you think it limits how creative students can be? What do you think they could be doing differently? You tell us!

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  1. Gail says:

    It is great that schools are recommending ways we can be more green, but what about the schools themselves? The wasted paper in flyers sent home, the wasted paper in “busy work” worksheets and activities…

    I am amazed when I work with clients to see how much “paper” a school themselvesactually generates! My children’s school actually still mails stuff home!!! I hope they catch up with the times and send things via email!

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