When we were kids, it was nearly unthinkable to consider spending a Halloween night doing anything but trick-or-treating. We always went together in a group and our parents always checked our treat bags for “unsafe” candy, but we continued the tradition well into our tween years.

These days, however, concerns about safety, the dreaded flu and even nutrition have more and more parents requesting that their little ones spend the night at a neighborhood party, family get-together or other social event in lieu of trick-or-treating.

We’re curious—are your kids participating in this time-honored tradition, or have you made alternative plans? What’s your family plan for Halloween? Has trick-or-treating become passe? You tell us!

Skeleton Smiles Halloween Card

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2 Responses

  1. krellpw says:

    We’ll still do it. Our boy was planning his next year’s costume since Nov 1 last year. My wife has come up with a fairly creative alternative regarding the nutrition/food safety issue.

    Every kid that comes to our door gets a mini-candy bar AND a mini-tub of Play-doh. If you can’t/don’t want to eat the food treat that we’re providing, then you still don’t have to go away empty-handed.

    What has surprised us is how excited the older kids get about a little tub of Play-doh. Very fun.

  2. bonggamom says:

    We’ll definitely be trick or treating this year. Neither my husband or I ever want to be left behind to hand out treats, so we usually just leave a big tub of candy on our front porch with a sign that says, “Take One, Please”.

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