We love parties here at Tiny Prints, including all of the details that go into making a party successful. With so many elements contributing to an event, there’s no wonder you need to stay organized and have fun when you’re putting it all together.

To help us navigate our way around party-planning, we have Courtney of Pizzazzerie with us to answer some helpful questions! Read on to see her recommendations for putting together parties, and enter our giveaway to win a set of 25 party invitations and your very own copy of her new book, Push-Up Pops! Comment on this post with your own party tip and we’ll select one winner randomly on Tuesday, April 3rd.*

How do you like to organize your tasks when planning a party? When I start to plan a party, I always break it down into décor, paper goods and food. It helps me to divide it so the party planning isn’t an overwhelming process but instead, a fun one! Usually, I choose décor first (based on colors, theme, type of celebration). Then, I look for invitations, place cards, food cards, cupcake toppers, etc. This way, they match perfectly with décor. Lastly, I plan out a fun menu to pair with the party.

Where do you find your inspiration when creating parties? Inspiration can come from just about anywhere. I read a lot of blogs and magazines where my fellow party lovers create amazing, detailed celebrations. I also like to get inspiration from the fabric store. I absolutely love patterns and colors, and I always create my own table coverings from fabric. Invitation shopping definitely gives me inspiration too—especially all the cute designs at Tiny Prints!

What kind of foods do you like to serve at parties? Easy-to-eat foods are a must. Unless you’re hosting a dinner party, bite-size foods that can be eaten while mixing and mingling will lend themselves to the best atmosphere for your party. I love to take regular dinner foods and turn them into mini treats (think sliders, taco bites, mini sandwiches). Sweet treats are always a must at any party I host. Unless I serve a cake, my “mini” theme continues with baby cupcakes, mini pies, whoopee pies, and of course—push-up pops!

What is a tip for keeping guests entertained throughout the party? To keep guests entertained throughout the party, set up lots of “DIY” bars. Serving cocktails? Instead of making them yourself in the kitchen, incorporate the bar into the party by setting up an array of mixers, stirrers, fruit and alcohol on a side console table for a make-your-own-cocktail bar. Same thing with treats! An ice cream sundae bar, make your own cupcake bar, etc! These are great ways to keep guests entertained. Also, music and lighting are important so be sure you don’t forget those either.

What is your favorite party theme that you’ve done in the past? My favorite them I’ve hosted was and Alice in Wonderland  first birthday party. The bright colors, whimsical décor, and childlike nature of the party made it so charming to plan. We had a lot of fun designing custom cookies and gave out mini alarm clocks as favors. It was a darling party.

Can you tell us your top three dos and don’ts when planning a party?

DON’T get overwhelmed by the styled parties you see on blogs or in magazines. Use them for ideas and inspiration, but do not feel like your party has to be absolutely perfect. Your guests will be thrilled to attend!

DO hand out favors. They give the guest a sweet little ending to the party (whether it’s a sweet treat or just a little gift). You don’t have to spend a lot either (think cookies, mini doughnuts, little toys, cute trinkets, etc).

DO take pictures before guests arrive! The worst thing in the world as a hostess is to try to take pictures of my tables during a party when purses have toppled on the place settings and food has been munched on. Take it before so you won’t miss a thing!

*Leave a comment below with your party planning tip. One winner will be chosen randomly next Tuesday, April 3. Keep in mind, comments may take up to a day or two to appear. We welcome everyone’s tips, but the prize can only be awarded to someone in the United States due to shipment availability.

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56 Responses

  1. Jane Heim says:

    One of my favorite tips for giving a party is to make it interactive with the guests, whether kids or adults. One of our favorite repeats is “Wok’s Up?” where everyone brings an ingredient for the wok. Start off with watching a youtube video on stir frying which is also a great ice breaker. Find someone who is good at wokking and putting on a show and the rest falls into place…chopsticks, fortune cookies, etc. and lots of wok jokes come up…wok this way, you’re wokking really good today, etc.

  2. Kerry says:

    If planning a kids party try to schedule it around nap times, there is nothing worse than poor kranky kids who can’t enjoy the party.

  3. Stephanie says:

    Plan early! Work on projects early…keep organized!

  4. Bernadette says:

    When planning for kids birthday party,i ask them what theme & color motif they want.then i make my “party folder”.I print out -what we are celebrating, the celebrants, motif, # of guests, how many are kids, cake, giveaways, food…etc! Then i print it out into a calendar form ie;1month from the day: handout invitations… That i do until the day of said event.

  5. Paig says:

    For any party it’s essential to start early and plan, plan, plan!

  6. Pizzazzerie is one of my favorite blogs, especially as a wedding and event planner and mother! Always plan for the unexpected when planning a party, i.e. Additional guests, plenty of time for set up, plan B for an outside event.

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