You may have noticed that the Tiny Prints website is full of gorgeous photos. That’s no accident—it’s actually by the design of Manus, our resident professional photographer who carefully sets up and takes almost every shot you see featured on our website. He doesn’t just shoot cards, either—he’s an accomplished wedding and family photographer to boot.

Since the holidays are coming up, we asked Manus to share his top tips for your family’s holiday card photos. Here’s what he had to say:

What’s the best way to light an indoor photo shoot?

“Shoot near a natural light source if at all possible. Windows and skylights work well. Don’t be afraid to draw the curtains and open the doors!”

Setting up a photo near an open window is a great way to add natural light to the shot.

What’s the best lighting for an outdoor setting?

“Avoid harsh direct sunlight. Don’t shoot on a clear, bright, sunny day at noon. Instead, try shooting earlier in the morning or later in the afternoon when the light isn’t as bright. Watch out for shadows on the face, too.”

What is fundamental to a good family photo?

“Dress up! You are showcasing your family at it’s best.”

Just a few of the hundreds of props Manus uses in Tiny Prints photos.

What do people most commonly forget when they’re planning a photo shoot?

“I advise people not to forget about the background. Remove any clutter indoors and make sure you have a pretty backdrop for your photo. Then try to take lots of photos from a variety of angles. Shoot from the floor and get a shot from high above you. And if you have little ones, take as many photos as possible. You never know—a shot you think is a mistake may be THE shot you had in mind.”

How long should a family photo shoot take?

“It depends. Try to have a friend take your photo if at all possible, since self-timers always take longer. But in either case, you should pad the amount of time you think it will take. It’s never as quick as you think it will be.”

One of our photo stylists helping Manus set up a product shot.

What’s your very best advice for families taking their holiday photos?

“Have fun, laugh and capture real moments and emotions. Those always make the best photos.”

Meet Manus

Our trusted Tiny Prints photographer is responsible for most of the gorgeous photography you see highlighted on our website. With a degree in photography and more than 10 years of experience, he’s a true professional who loves helping new photographers master the art of taking sweet, sincere and touching family photos. For more information, check out Manus Chau Photography.

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