Traveling is a ton of fun, but when you’re heading out with a baby in tow you almost need a second car just for all the stuff that they require. Food, toys, changing pad, diapers, clothes, highchair, and, of course, the bed, because no one has any fun if baby doesn’t sleep.

I’m a huge fan of the ubiquitous Pack ‘n Play, but even I have to admit that for all that it’s awesome when set up, it’s heavy and bulky when it’s all folded up.

Just as my youngest child has finally outgrown cribs of all kinds, I finally found the perfect travel crib solution—a bed that folds up so small that it can fit in a backpack.

The creators of GoCrib clearly started with the solution—a lightweight easy to transport, easy to set up travel crib, that could go anywhere, then worked their way back to the beginning—how to make one!

It’s nothing short of brilliant and kind of makes me wish my “baby” was still a baby!

GoCrib Portable Crib

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  1. Shannon says:

    Love this portable crib, just wish it wasn’t $250.

  2. This crib is very interesting for parents to have a light weight portable crib. I also like the see through design to be able to keep an eye on baby from anywhere.

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