Tiny Finds: Teething Bling

When my girls were little they loved to chew on my watch and my keys. I felt squeamish about the germs on the keys so I limited that and after one or two run-ins with an excess amount of drool my watch stopped ticking. All that that left us with were trusty teething toys made specifically for baby.

Which, if you know babies, you’ll know has absolutely zero attraction.

That’s why Teething Bling has clearly come up with a brilliant product. It’s a teething ring, cleverly disguised as precious jewelry. Baby thinks he’s getting one over on mommy, mommy knows he’s chewing on something safe and good for him. Win, win. Plus they look great. So really win, win, win.

Teething Bling by Smart Mom Jewelry

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  1. Dianna says:

    I like the teething bling and I can see how a baby would like it too.

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