We spend all day staring at the cutest cards and stationery. So naturally our minds start wandering and coming up with ideas to put together an amazing party or create a sweet gift. Every month we’ll be sharing a card or stationery item that has inspired a fun decorating project or a delicious treat. We’ll give you the recipes and DIY directions so it’s super easy to “borrow” these awesome ideas!

What’s not to love about these sweet patterned birds on this baby shower invitation?

And we couldn’t help but be enamored with these adorable bird cage lanterns to decorate the party! They are a cute and crafty way to carry your invitation all the way through to your décor. Hang them on a string across your mantel. Decorate a branch centerpiece. String them along a banister. There are so many ways to incorporate these fun birds.

Want to see how to make these sweet birds for the next baby shower you throw? Head over to The Bride’s Cafe to see the step-by-step guide on how to make them yourself.

We’d love to see pictures and hear your stories about how you’ve been inspired by one of our stationery items. Embarking on your own little baking adventure? Working on a décor project? Do share by leaving a comment below or send your ideas to blog@tinyprints.com.

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