Christmas is just a few days away! Hopefully the gifts have been bought and are ready to be wrapped. Gilit from Shoes Off Please shares her beautiful DIY to help add some glitz and glam to your presents!

Girl boss embelishments on present

For my custom Tiny Prints wrapping paper, I designed glitter stripes going in different directions because I knew I wanted this season to be all sparkle! (Also life in general, but let’s focus!)

Glitter and gold wrapped presents

For the GIRL BOSS gift topper you will need:

Gliter letters

Supplies - glue and glitter


1. Glue the front of your letter

Dipping letter in glitter

2. Dip it into the glitter

Girl boss glitter letters

3. Once all your letters have been glued, glittered, and dried just glue them onto the ribbon and you’re done!

Gold ribbon and gold stripes wrapping paper

Glitter and gold stripped wrapping paper

I love this because you can make it say whatever you want and you can make your wrapping paper look however you want. These letters would be so cute on photo wrapping paper all stacked up under a tree or in a fireplace (with no fire obviously, keep it safe!)”

Glitter presents

Glitter wrapping paper

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