Hi friends! My name is Melisa Garcia and I’m the owner of Pie N’ the Sky. I’m here to share a fun and (super) easy Blanket Ladder DIY!

diy blanket ladder and a couch with customized pillow

I got the Herringbone Throw the other day and I wanted a fun way to display the sweet monogram. I know what you’re probably thinking,”It’s Summer Melisa, why are we talking about blankets??”. Well if you’re husband, or roommate, is anything like mine, then your AC is probably cranked and your ceiling fans are always on. And if you’re anything like me, then you easily freeze and blankets are always a staple in the home! This fun DIY is perfect for any season, and will quickly add some useful decor to your space. So lets get started!

diy blanket ladder and a wall with picture frames

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Two 1” wooden dowels
  • Four ½” wooden dowels
  • Copper Wire
  • Wire Cutters
  • Paint / Paint Brush (optional)

supplies for diy blanket ladderI got my wooden dowels at a local home improvement store. They had a station for cutting, so I actually bought two ½” wooden dowels and sawed them in half – whatever you have, you can make work! You’ll want to lay your pieces down and get an idea of placement. I wanted to leave plenty of room between each rung so the  beautiful monogram blankets could each be seen.

herringbone monogram blanket on diy  blanket ladder

Once you have an idea of your placement, you can make a mark using a pencil. Place your first ½” dowel on top of the 1” base dowel (as seen in photo).

constructing a wooden blanket ladder

Cut your copper wire to the length of 24”.

cutting copper wire for wooden blanket ladder diy

Place the middle of the copper wire under the base and pull the pieces up. You will then cross the wire ends around each other (as seen in photo).

copper wire construction of blanket ladder wall decor

Wrap the ends around the base dowel and repeat a total of 3 times. Make sure your ends meet at the back of the dowel, where you can tighten them together, and trim an excess. Repeat for each rung.

copper wire tied to blanket ladder

If you want to bring a little color to your wooden ladder, you can paint the ends, or even paint the whole thing! I wanted a more minimalist look, so I kept the natural wood and painted the ends white.

diy blanket ladder

The supplies cost less than $20 and making it only took an hour! I love what it has done for our space! I already have plans to make another one for our bedroom.

blanket ladder with monogram herringbone throws

How fun would these be for gifts too?! The possibilities are endless. I hope you enjoy!

diy blanket ladder  

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  1. Susan Eastin says:

    I love this idea! This is also the perfect way to make store displays for scarves and other accessories.

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